Dear visitor of the homepage of the nudist club Van Goch,

I’m a sociologist researching how the nudist club Van Goch operates—a task for which I need your help! I would greatly appreciate it if you could complete this questionnaire. Your participation and all responses will remain completely anonymous and confidential. The filled out questionnaire or other information provided will not be passed on to any third parties, be they individuals or government authorities.

I thank you in advance for your support. Beate Leopold (Sociologist)

Please fill ALL fields completely, otherwise your rating can not be counted!

1. Is this your first visit of the homepage of Club Van Goch?
2. Have you ever been to Club Van Goch?
3. Which of the offers and services do you use? (multiple answers possible)
4. For which offers and services have you paid anything on top of the cover charge? (multiple answers possible)
5. Did you go to the Club to be with a specific woman?
6. With whom did you negotiate the price, type and scope of the sexual services?
7. Who did you give the money to for the sexual services?
8. According to you, who did you enter into an agreement with about the sexual services?
9. How did you come to that conclusion? (multiple answers possible)
10. Did you know that your are entering into separate agreements at Club Van Goch; one with the Club and one with the woman you are with?
11. According to you, does the homepage of Club Van Goch make it clear that sexual services are not included in the cover charge?
12. How old are you?
13. What is your nationality?
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